Reselling Listing Challenge: Complete

I'm such a kid at heart...
Well folks, February is over (can you believe it?) and so ATG's Reselling Challenge is complete!  Here is how I did:

Goal:  20 listings (Ebay and Etsy combined)

Actual listings:  18 - not too shabby

Total of items from the listing challenge that sold:  0.  

Yup, big fat 0.   Edit: 2!  YAY I sold two bird prints!

That's ok though because I am still having fun scouting and taking pictures and being creative.  And all in all, 18 listings isn't really that much - especially since most of them were on Etsy.

Overall I have loved this challenge.  It was a real motivator for me.  I have discovered that I really want to make this work for me, as it is one of the few things I have tried that I am actually motivated to do.  I have spent so much time working for crap money for other people - It is so refreshing to have the chance to work for myself, make my own decisions, and be creative. 

March has begun!

My new goal for March is 20 listings (again).  Let's see how it goes...

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