More Christmas Goodies

Well, I'm finally making it back to this little blog space.  I've been down and out with a cold for a week straight now, and haven't hardly had any energy to share anything here.  I've been meaning to write about my visit a few weeks ago to the Economy Shop in Oak Park - what a fabulous surprise that was!  The Economy Shop began as a thrift store for the benefit of local charities in 1919; it has been operating at its present location since 1924.  I have never really seen anything like it - basically, it's a thrift department store.  That's right - A THRIFT DEPARTMENT STORE. With fifteen departments spanning three floors, and plenty of Christmas knickknacks to boot, I was in heaven.

Everything is neatly organized, clean, and easy to sort through - they even had a CRAFT SUPPLIES ROOM! Look at this little tree I got for 80 cents!  Also notice the little reindeer underneath.  I plan on covering them with Martha Stewart glitter I bought with a coupon the other day (YAY! Martha glitter - I have to tell you I've been pining for it for months!)
I also got some little blue ornaments for pennies, and two small casserole dishes.  Then I found a set of old fashioned Christmas lights which were 50 cents a strand plus 10 cents for each replacement bulb.  I was able to test them there, and I must have fiddled with these for twenty minutes or so, screwing in different bulbs until I had the whole strand lit.  Then when I got home they worked for about three minutes before the fuse blew.  Hopefully I can just put in another and get it up and running, although I might have unknowingly put in some bulbs that were to high of voltage or wattage or ampage or whatever.  Troubleshooting to come I guess.

If you are in the Chicagoland area, and would like to visit the Economy Shop, they are open Saturdays and Thursdays,  Here is the link to their website for more information.

In other news, I've been collecting a lot of little things for Christmas crafts, and I'm fearful I'll never have the energy time to make anything!

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Caring Hearts Card Drive

It is so wonderful that over the blog world people who don't even really know each other can get together and do something nice for others.  I just read about the Caring Hearts Card Drive, which is accepting holiday cards to distribute to the elderly this fall and winter.  It is nice to know, as a crafty type person, that I can make something which might make someone else smile.  I just hope I can make a few cards and get them in the mail before the deadline! Click the link above or the button in my sidebar for more information! 


Visit to the Junk Asyulm

Here is my find from the Junk Asylum, which I wrote about last week.  I discovered they have a website, although I didn't think they would.  Being a city slicker I assume people from small towns don't know what the internet is yet.   If you are near the Quad Cities I apologize for my ignorance and suggest you check the Junk Asylum out.

Ducks!  Geese! Swans!

Despite the fact that my entire family, including Boyfriend, think they are creepy, I like them.  They really caught my eye and were only $10 for the pair.  Not bad, in my opinion.  My brother left the store a happy camper as well, his new Mr. T and the A Team puzzle in hand.  I saw a few things in there that I have been looking for, including an old metal fold out kitchen stool that reminds me of one my grandmother had when I was a kid.  Although it was only $12 or $15 dollars, I didn't purchase it because it was pretty wobbily.  I just looked for some on Ebay, and they sell for a whole lot more than that, albeit in a little better shape.  Eh, I'm not really the type who is into fixing up furniture.  I have enough projects started already that I will probably never finish.  Also, my thrifing philosophy is that if I don't absolutely LOVE it, I don't by it.  Otherwise I end up getting stuff just because it is cheap, and sending it back later.  I am still working on this.  For some reason, it is hard not to buy cheap things.  Who knew?

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I'm a Thrifter

Sometimes I think my friends are cooler than me. 

I've been meaning to share my friend Pamela's state plate collection on this blog for a while.  Pamela is pretty much the thriftiest person I know.  When I saw her plate collection I knew I HAD TO HOARD some plates of my own, much to Boyfriend's chagrin.  It was bad enough that while visiting my family last weekend, we visited a place called...wait for it... - - - - -


Yes, the crazy thrift hoarding cat loving girlfriend heard tell of a place called The Junk Asylum, and HAD to check it out.  I haven't heard the end of it all week.  This provides complete fodder for Boyfriend - probably until the end of time.

I'm sure he'll tell everyone that his crazy thrift hoarding cat loving girlfriend visited the trash sanatorium and never came back.

Fall Visit to Japanese Garden, Jackson Park Chicago

I've been meaning to share pictures from my visit to the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park.  Built for the 1893 World's Fair, the garden was Japan's pavilion at the exhibition.  Located away from the hustle and bustle of the Midway, where the other foreign cultural exhibits were located, the garden provided a peaceful and calm retreat.
The garden is located just south of what is now the Museum of Science and Industry, originally the Palace of Fine Arts for the 1893 Fair.  This building is the only remaining building from the fair, being one of the few made of long lasting brick and iron.

View of the garden looking south from the museum.

Original lantern near the gate of the garden. Notice the heart motif.

And the stag motif.

Another lantern (not original).  There were three total and a water basin.

It was a beautiful fall day.  Notice the waterfall.  There were also some fishermen there.

And then the fog rolled in...

I ate my caramel apple and headed home.


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