Thrift Share Monday: Odd Uses for Jello Molds!

I found a bunch of little Jello molds at the thrift recently, and I used them as part of a pink and red Valentine's Day themed mantel display.  This little idea was pretty much the only thing that kept me from weeping as I took down my Christmas display.   I always feel so bummed when it's time to take down the holiday decorations - without them, there is no more whimsy and magic in the house, I feel.  I am trying to change that.  I put red candles and fake snow in little glass mason jars on the mantel, and tied ribbons around the necks of the jars.

Jack loves them too!

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Cottage Cheese, Jello, and Granny Squares - What am I 60?

Saturday night out for Boyfriend and I consisted of shopping for home goods at Target where we bought awfully exciting things like paper towels and shower curtains and bedsheets.  It was terribly exhilarating.  We capped off our night with an early dinner of a sandwich with cottage cheese, which we split and topped off with decaf coffee at a diner that closed at 8:00.  It was uneventful, relaxing, and quiet.

We both have Birthday's about this time of year... and we laughed about how old we must be getting to spend a weekend like this... but we like it that way. 

I have to admit, however, that I am panicked about turning 26.  That is just a little too close to 30 for my liking... 

I thought about going out to a bar in my most flattering frock...

But I stayed home and finished crocheting granny squares in stead.

Aren't these pretty?

And for Boyfriend's birthday, did I mention I made him a Jello?  In a mold?  With home made whipped cream?  I think I am turning into my Grandmother, whom we fondly nicknamed "The Jello Queen."  Visiting her house without having multiple jello flavors to choose from as a treat was unheard of. 

Mmmm... lime.

I tried make this with whipping cream - I wanted it to turn out kinda like fluff... I read online about stabilizing the cream, but it was 11:00 in the evening by the time I got around to making this so I just decided to dump the cream in and see if it would turn out creamy.   It was ok, but I wonder if it would have been better if I had whipped and stabilized the cream and then somehow mixed it in... More experiments to come.


Whimsical Erphila Porcelain

I love just about anything shiny and red, and I found this little Erphila creamer the other day:

I think it is charming - I might keep it around the house for flowers.  I was looking into the company a little bit, but was unable to find a definitive answer as to when it was made.  While I was looking, however, I found this! 

Found Here

Isn't it charming!  I just love how the little kitty is peeking over the edge.  My cat does that to me whenever I take a bath...

I really love little animal knick knacks... I especially love this little green Erphila elephant:

This little guy is for sale at Twice Studios Etsy Shop

Apparently, Erphila company imported a lot of inexpensive and whimsical figural porcelain and pottery from Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in Europe during the first half of the 1900's.   I'll be on the lookout for more!


New Etsy Store: Knick Knack Parade

Jack helped me open my new shop today! 

The Beginnings of a Pyrex Addiction?

Well, guess what.  I have jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon.  Yes, the cute patterns and irresistibly cheerful colors have won me over.  I have been busy visiting blogs like The Pyrex Collective and Pyrex Love, and learning the names of all the patterns.  I am really a fan of the Friendship pattern, which I love for its bright colors and little birdies... but I also love just about anything in pink. 

My grandmother used to volunteer at her church thrift, and started collecting the Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls for my mother.  She loves them, but probably has no idea that currently on Ebay they are selling for over $60 at auction - Yikes!  I definitely plan on keeping my eyes peeled for a nice set like hers.

This weekend I found a few pretties while I was out!

I still can't believe I found this little gem!  I am putting it in my new Etsy Shop along with this...

I am still figuring everything out with Etsy after having switched over from Bonanza just yesterday.  I realized I can offer products at more reasonable prices on Etsy because the fees are a bit lower.  I still haven't finished filling in my whole profile, but that will be coming soon!  It's exciting to set up a little shop and start thinking about things like branding, image, marketing, advertisements etc...  I also made my first spreadsheet ever!  People generally tend to find it hard to believe that in my entire 25 years of life I have never made a spreadsheet.  Well hot darn - thanks to Apron Thrift Girl's post about spreadsheets, now I have!


Thrifty Finds

Hi all!  Yesterday I was supposed to take the tree down, but  I went thrifting instead.  Now I'm sitting in my apartment with my shiny new finds, nestled cozily under the tired Christmas tree as it sheds pine needles onto the floor.  Oh at some point I'll recuperate from the holidays.  Probably not today though.

For now, check out what I found!

I just can't get over how pretty this shade of blue is!

I brought this little hen home - and Boyfriend actually likes it. 

I love this jar!  I really want to keep it but I think I will put it up for sale to see how it does.

I opened a new shop on Bonanza called the Knick Knack Parade***, and you can find all of these items for sale.  I'm new to this whole thing. I think I will start out on Bonanza and see how that works out, and then move over to Etsy if I think I could do better over there.  Does anyone else have experience with Bonanza?  

*** I moved my items over to Etsy after I realized I could sell less expensive things more cheaply there.  Here is the link to my shop!

I am linking up with Apron Thrift Girl - gotta love all the inspiration I get while reading her blog!


Sweet Holy Moley! I'm Reselling!

Woohooo! I set a goal for myself and accomplished it!  YAY!  That almost never happens.

As you may or may not know, I am swamped with student loan debt and being a teacher aide doesn't exactly cover all the bills.  I want to go to grad school to get some skills that would hopefully qualify me for something with a salary - but until I can make a decision on what to study, and then actually go to school, and then actually graduate, and then actually get a job with a salary...  I have been at a loss for what to do about all the bills...

Solution?  Reselling!

I am tired of spending my precious fleeting time at soul crushing jobs, but treasure hunting thrifting is something I enjoy doing!  Now... if only I could make a little cash doing it.

I spent all day working on this project - and set up a little booth at Bonanza!  Check it out!  It is filled with a few vintage odds and ends... with more to come!



Happy New Year!

I guess this was a pretty good year.  Jack kept busy doing lots of cute things.  He had plenty of time to nap and scratch the furniture.  He was completely spoiled this Christmas; I think he received more gifts than I did!  I think his New Year's resolution is to nap inside every plastic shopping bag we bring home.

As for me... I'm going on a diet.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I cannot believe the amount of belly pudge I have going on.  

Thoughts on my future:
I have decided that I need to set more goals.
Goals related to:
Career (freelance this summer, get moving on grad school?)
Artistic expression (craft fair?)
Paying off the student loans (reselling thrift?)

Where will life bring me?
Where will I take my life?

All I have to say is pincushion.


I made a pincushion.  It was super easy.

"Hello!" from my owl friends...

To make this pincushion, follow along with this Martha tutorial...  I found the fact about pincushions being placed on the mantels of new homes to bring prosperity to be very interesting.  

I am planning to make some for my home.  I think it may help me feel less sad about taking down the Christmas decorations.  I love the whimsy and lights so much.


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