Jack Got a Hair Cut!

In the weeks prior to Jack's haircut, he had looked pretty pathetic.  He spent all day laying around the apartment like in the photo above, except with his arms stretched out as far as they would go above his head, probably in an effort to air his body out in the heat.  He was coughing up a bunch of hairballs and pretty much just miserable, so I finally took him in for a grooming. 

Now he sits around the apartment in normal cat positions, and seems pretty happy.  Occasionally, he still likes to lay on his back and stretch out, and now it's even cuter:

The only downside of having him groomed is that I think he get's confused more often about his tail.  He chases it all the time and tries to bite it - I guess he doesn't recognize his own self!

Pigeons Flinging Crap in the Air

This happened a while ago...

These pigeons were flinging fettuccine alfredo all over the place.  Fettuccine alfredo was already pretty unappetizing, but this brings it to a whole new level of grossness.

Where Have You Been Missy?

I've been taking a little break from blogging this summer because I feel like I am really busy with my job.  I think I have too many things on my plate.

I did want to share something I found today with you, however...

 Found these really awesome orange plastic coconut cups at the dollar store today... Came home and put water in them for Boyfriend and I.  Drinking water has never been so fun!


Tennessee Part 1

While in Tennessee, we went white water rafting... yes we did.  It was definitely not as scary as I thought it would be, but it was most definitely fun.  Google maps took us on this very curvy, pretty dangerous route on a one lane, two way road, twisting around corners past Baptist churches and homes with gravestones in their backyards...to this little town called Hartford, which had one post office, one restaurant, and twelve white water rafting companies. 

Boyfriend and I kinda lucked out, in a sense, and ended up being the only two on our raft...

So yeah, we did that!

During the trip some exciting things happened.  On our first category four rapids the front two men on the raft ahead of us fell out into the water - I thought for sure it would happen to us!  Later, one of the guides in the group stopped us all at a rock formation and tipped a raft upside down to make a water slide, and we all took turns jumping and sliding down into the water.  There also was a stretch of the river that was deep and calm, and our guide let me get out of the water and float down stream with the boat.  I really enjoyed this because with the life vest on, you could just completely relax and let the water carry you down the river.  Boyfriend had to pull me back into the raft, which was pretty funny.  While you're stuffed into a life vest and the water is moving at such a quick clip, there is no way of getting into the boat on your own, so someone has to pull your body out of the water like you're some sort of a dead whale. Needless to say, I giggled a lot.

Even talking to our guide was neat, because he actually grew up in the tiny town and had the most beautiful accent.  He gave us directions to a local swimming hole (yes swimming hole, how authentic), which was appreciated because I think it's neat to do and see things that aren't so touristy all the time.  The swimming hole, although near the rafting adventure, was far from our cabin, so we decided to save it for the next trip.

That's pretty much the gist of it!  Here is a link to the rafting company's website.  I highly recommend them!


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