Christmas Time Will Be Here Soon, Thrift Share

Hi! This is my first Thrift Share Monday!  I am linking with Apron Thrift Girl.  I had a great day Monday scavenging through Unique Thrift on Half Off Day.  In addition to some embroidery hoops and yarn, as well as an amazing state plate for my state plate collection (pics soon), here is what I found! 

I found these matching enamelware bowls (pictured above), which I thought were totally charming.  Does anyone know anything about the safety of Tokyo - made enamelware?  I read that most modern enamelware made in the States is free of heavy metals, but some others may have lead or other toxic chemicals that can leach into food.

I have been looking forward to making some sort of granny star Christmas bunting this winter, and what luck- somebody made them for me and put them in the thrift store just for me!  I think I will make some slightly larger ones to go with them.  This will allow me to actually finish some of the other projects I have started (more on that in an upcoming post).

Am I in the Christmas mood or what! Isn't this little apron darling?  There was another one in the shop that was a little fancier (organza), but I have enough of those I never wear.  This is more practical in that I can easily wash it.  I can't wait to wear it!

How neat is this lamp? I found it at the Sal Army a few weeks ago, but didn't have any batteries in my camera until now (sorry the picture is so dark, this room only gets direct sunlight for an hour every afternoon, a total bummer).  I scored the base of the lamp for $5, and the shade for $2.98.  I'm not totally sold on the shade, but it was really hard to try out all the shades while carrying a bunch of other items in a crowded Chicago thrift store on sale day.

More treats to share with you soon!



Needed an image of a strawberry the other day, what a delight google image search provided.  Here's a snapshot:

It doesn't get more delicious looking than that!


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