Thrift Share: Things are Pretty out of Context

This week's post is about using thrifted treasures in new ways...

I love how these thrifted knitting needles brighten up the window.  You can see the gloomy gray we Chicagoans have been dealing with for weeks now.  I haven't been doing enough knitting this winter, as I have overwhelmed myself with other projects, and it is sad to think of these needles tucked away, with no purpose.  Not any more!  I actually have a huge lot of them - in all different colors.  I have about 30 size 6 double pointed needles, and even more tiny tiny metal double points.  I'm not really sure what you could knit with them...

I also have these blocks sitting on my coffee table.  They are in the Etsy shop but I am enjoying them until some one else gives them a home.  Their unexpectedness as a centerpiece in the little Glasbake dish is charming, I think.  I like giving things a fresh purpose.

These swizzle sticks have served one purpose in a cocktail, and are now brightening up my plants!  I love the little whistle.  I have a bunch more I have yet to stick in my plants, and am thinking about putting my knitting needles that have lost their match in my plants as well.

What thrifted treasures have you reinvented?

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  1. Love your swizzle sticks! I have a jar of colored vintage knitting needles too. I don't knit and have no interest in learning how but I love looking at them. It's my bouquet that won't wilt. :)

  2. Love your quirky treasures. I'd do similar with knitting needles but am worried they'd be utilised as weapons by my marauding toddler...

  3. oh boy- glad all I have to worry about is my cat!



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