Where Have I Been? At the Chicago Auto Show!

Well, the headshot investment I made in 2007 finally paid off.  In other words, I got my first job with them this month.  This came at a great time because I'm at that point where I need to update my photos, and this sort of investment is awfully hard to justify considering my old photos, although good, have gotten me zero paying work.  Until now!

It wasn't even an acting job though - so don't get excited or anything.

Basically - I got hired as a promo girl (read: model) for Mazda, getting leads and handing out a promotional energy drink (Mazda Zoom Zoom Concentrated).  A very tedious and repetitive job, but it paid great so who cares.

While collecting leads for the show, I met some very interesting people.  Among these were:



and penguinsaremyfriends@*****.net

As well as a bunch of people with unintelligible accents who had names with far too many consonants all smooshed together with practically no vowels.  PRCHZKYK.

As well as several people whose last name was Penisis.

As well as several people who didn't have the email address required to get a free drink, and didn't know how to make one up either.  One very charming older gentleman later confessed he was just trying to fool me after he told me his email address was 172655.com/smith, and I broke the news to him that in fact this was not an email address at all.  Another man told me his email address was Hernandez.com57. This too, is not an email address.  Both men forgot to employ the @, and this leads me to leave you, the reader, with this helpful tip:  if you are going to fake an email address for whatever reason, please be sure you know what email actually is.

More to come on my Auto Show experiences in an upcoming post.


Good Morning, Day Off!

So this morning was one of those mornings where I thought "I really don't want to get up and go to work.  I really just want to stay home and work on my blog."  I am now officially a nerd.

One of the challenges of being a substitute teacher is that it can be so easy to make excuses not to go to work.  Even excuses like "I have to clean today" sound like good ideas and much more fun than getting up at 5:00 or 6:00 to check the online sub scheduler for jobs, pressing 'refresh' a hundred million times waiting for a job to appear, and then hoping it isn't a job at one of "thooooose schools" where you really don't have fun working and the high schoolers tell you mean stuff like how much you look like Baxter from Arthur (sigh*).

So that is exactly what I thought this morning;  "I can't work today, my blog and the dishes piled up in the sink are much much more important."

On another note, here's another pretty picture of the amaryllis we grew in our apartment this January:


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