Thrift Share Monday: More Paper Items!

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I didn't go out thrifting this weekend - there were no good looking estate sales that weren't really far away - and as I have to commute to the suburbs for work during the week, I never really feel like commuting to the suburbs on the weekends.  No wonder.

I did find some things at the sale I went to last week that I haven't shared yet, however. 

Wee!  Don't you just love these?  !!
This one is especially cute!
I found these at the estate sale of a former school teacher... and there are more!  I have an entire set on animals, as well as an entire set on magnetism.  These charts were intended to help teach kindergarteners about science.  The color scheme for the magnet ones is a lavender/ periwinkle type purple, which I love.  I have already sold one on my Etsy, and I just listed them yesterday.  I like selling paper items on Etsy because I can offer a low shipping price, and charge free shipping on the other paper items they buy because they can all fit in the same envelope cheaply.  I think I might take my shop more in the direction of selling paper goods, but with so much cute stuff out there - it is hard to discriminate! 

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  1. I love the books! I am always drawn to vintage illustrations, they're great!

  2. I would have picked up those books too, they are great! But I probably wouldn't have been able to resist keeping them for my kids, I love reading them old science books. And I agree, shipping paper goods is so very easy!

  3. They are actually posters/ charts that came in a set. I too want to keep them and hang them up - they are so darling... We'll see what sells and then I can keep the rest!



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