Etsy Shop Update!

Boy oh boy.  Last month I participated in Apron Thrift Girl's Reseller Listing Challenge.  My goal was to list 20 items in the month of February.  I did pretty well - I listed 18 items and sold 2 items from the challenge for a total of 4 total sales since opening the shop in January. 

Then March came...and I have sold 9 items in the last 3 days alone!  I now have a total of 15 sales!  Woohoo! This is so incredibly exciting.  Of course, I check my shop obsessively to see if i have any favorites/sales/views, and when I get a sale it is so gratifying - especially when it is something you have had in the shop for a while that you were beginning to believe would never sell.

My educational charts have been a huge hit.  So far, almost all my sales were on paper items.  I'm beginning to wonder if that is my niche.

I am also looking into selling vintage eye glass frames - because I love them.  I just bought a pair on Etsy but they are a little small - not sure if I should resell them or see if I can make them work with some adjustments....I've been wearing the same pair on my face for four years - it's time for a change.

Anyways, what seems to sell best in your shops?

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