Crazyness at the Estate Sale

Wow.  I headed out to an estate sale that was billed as being "stuffed with vintage treasures," a house where the people "stopped throwing out things fifty ears ago."  Looking through the pictures, I did a ton of research on what I could see, checking out how much they could be sold for by doing an advanced search on ebay etc... 

I got there an hour and a half early and I was number SEVENTY EIGHT.   78!  Apparently, the list had started the night before the sale around 6:00 P.M.  People spent the night in their cars.  The sale promised lots of antique toys, and apparently there were a ton of collectors there for those - not to mention all the other resellers/ dealers/ antique store booth owners in line (all very friendly people). After the sale started, people were taking toys out of the little bungalow by the box loads.    I wish had gotten there early instead of taking my sweet time in the morning dancing around the apartment with my kitty cat. 

What a life.
Hours later, after watching a girl who literally looked like Marilyn Monroe come out and hop in a cap to pick up the van load of vintage clothes she had found, my number was called.  YAY!  Unfortunately I only took a half day off at work (Yes I took off work to go to the sale), and I only had about 25 minutes left before I needed to leave. 

When I got in, most of the things I had scouted out were either gone already, or priced to high to buy and resell:  the Easton Press sealed editions were almost $50, the McDonald's Fire King Mugs were almost what they were selling for on Ebay and the Snoopy Fire King mugs were gone.

The owner of the house had been a school teacher, so there were shelves and shelves and shelves of old little golden books, vintage activity books, flash cards, construction paper, and posters - many with charming art.  I stocked up on what I could before I had to leave.  I have yet to photograph all the quirky classroom art I found, which were real treats to find.  I found some vintage Audubon posters that I thought were really charming...

All are in my Etsy shop!

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