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Dream Pets and Poodles (Thrift Share)

I had a wonderful day an an estate sale this Saturday.  I saw pictures and it looked like it would be right up my alley with tons of vintage, and sure enough it was!  To make things even better  I got there on the second day so everything was half off - and it had already been priced pretty fairly to begin with.  I wish I remembered the name of the company because the sale was not only reasonably priced but also very organized.  I would love to attend one of their sales again.

I found so many lovely things, many of which have yet to be photographed.  But how about these adorable dream pets!

I had actually never seen these before, and now I will definitely be on the lookout for them in the future - they are so whimsical and fun!  I can't pick a favorite.

I also got three sets of alphabet letterpress type stamps.  I think these will do very well in my Etsy shop.
When I got them the letters were all out of order - it took forever to straighten them all out so they could look presentable.

I think I would have liked the lady who lived in this house very much - she had pretty rad poodle wallpaper by her vanity:

And she lived in a quaint house in a beautiful neighborhood:

The dream pets must have been very happy there!

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A few finds...

Now that I am all moved in (although NOT all unpacked) I have been able to go out looking for little bits and bobs for my shop and for the flea markets I swear I'll get around to doing this summer.  (My gosh the 4th is in less than two weeks - how time flies!).  Aside from all the vintage Christmas I have been stocking up on - which I think I might add to the shop for some sort of Christmas in July sale - I have found a few things of note.

Don't you love the mugs on my new header?  I really want to keep them but I have a hundred mugs so I am thinking I will plant small cacti in them and sell them at the flea market.  I have been experimenting with using unusual things as planters and so far my favorite is this jello mold turned geranium holder:

I also found quite a few vintage carpenters' rulers and have sold a few in my shop already (well, sold one).  I want to find a few more in the coming weekend because I think they would make good 4th of July decorations.  They also seem to be on trend right now, after being featured in Flea Market Style magazine this spring.


Oh long neglected blog...I have returned. With furniture.

Moving has been CRAZY, and it has been difficult keeping up with the cleaning, unpacking, and working while still keeping my Etsy shop open.  But things have slowed down with work (babysitting) so I have a little time to share what I have been up to these past few busy weeks. 

I have been craigslist shopping like mad.  I really wanted a fresh start upon moving into this new place, so I got rid of a few things that were pretty beat up or I just plain hated and am replacing them with a few new (to me) and only slightly worn things. A few notable pieces in addition to the mod buffet I scored and wrote about in my previous post...

Wicker Chair and Table:  $30 for the set. 

COMFY little papazan and footstool:  $40 for the set (plus a little extra for delivery - hey it was convenient - making the total $55)

I am still looking to find a small sewing table and a bookshelf - which hopefully we can treat ourselves to sometime soon - I'd like to be able to put the rest of my boxes away!


New Apartment: New Furniture!

Yay!  I have finally moved into my lovely little apartment, which means I can finally start collecting for flea markets and my Etsy shop again!  I had to put all of that on hold as my fiance would have killed me if I brought one more piece of vintage shabby goodness into the house.  My first new purchase, this lovely mod buffet!


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