You think you're so cool, with your motorcycle, bro.

My brother has a blog about his vintage motorcycle.   My dad has an old bike too, and they are both really into the whole vintage cycle thing. 

When I move to Korea, I want to get a scooter!

They are gonna give me so much s***.


Job Update

So I've been teaching this class for three weeks now, and one of the brats children stole my phone today.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I also found out that I don't qualify for long term sub pay, so I had to fight negotiate break down in tears to get compensated for my extra hours.  Tears versus bureaucratic system: tears win!

Was it embarrassing?  Of course.   Could I help it?  Probably not.

Andrea versus emotions:  Emotions always win!


It was a long day.


Maybe I'm an Adult Now...

So I have a meeting tomorrow.  An actual work meeting about important things.

Actually, I had a meeting today too, for which I had no prior notice.  I went in and said actual important and relevant things, and maybe even looked a little on top of my job.  I think I am awesome.

In truth, I have no idea what tomorrow's meeting will actually be about, so I'm probably unprepared for it despite the fact that I spent the last hour trying to figure out how and what to prepare...

Back in the day when I worked in *cough* restaurants, a meeting meant sitting in a room filled with people you didn't like and listening to managers talk at you while you payed absolutely no attention.  Still tired from getting home from your night shift at two in the morning, you would be sitting there at eight wearing yesterday's re - ironed uniform excited to start your morning shift after the meeting.  It was usually pretty awesome. 

This is a little more awesome though.


Actual Responsibility at Work = No Time to do Silly Things Like Blog

I've been away from this blog for a while...

YAY!  My sub assignment turned into a long term gig...so I have a lot more responsibility.  I never had a job with responsibility before (no joke).  Now I take work home with me, which sucks, but in truth I actually kinda don't mind all the grading papers, editing essays, and making up tests and such.  It's all new to me so the novelty hasn't worn off, I suppose.  And I get to make decisions!  Actual decisions that effect people!  And I don't have to ask anybody if the decision is ok - I can just decide something, and do it - like I have some sort of authority or expertise or power or something!  I also stay after school a lot to plan and help kids who need it, so I end up getting stuck in bad traffic heading back to Chicago... I actually kinda do mind that.

Some things:

Starting a garden in an old row boat my friend found in the alley.

Planting flowers.

Planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Continually spelling Smoky Mountains as Smokey Mountains, because that's how Smokey the Bear spells his name and I can't get it out of my head.


Crazy Stuff I'll Do for (Almost) Free: Substitute Teaching Edition

I picked up a sub job last week for Monday through Wednesday.  Monday through Wednesday turned into Monday through Friday.  This has now extended into two weeks, and will possibly extend through the end of the year.

I picked up a Middle School Resource Cross Categorical teaching position, and am co teaching a Language Arts class.

Basically, I am in charge of helping the supported education kids who are mixed into a regular education classroom.  By law, the amount of supported ed kids in a regular ed classroom is not to exceed 30%.  In all of my classes we are pushing 50%.  This is ridiculous and against the law.

Needless to say, I have A LOT of work to do.

If this job gets extended through the end of the year, then my pay increases substantially.  This would be great because I am already doing so much more than would usually be requested of a sub: grading papers, meeting with other teachers about students, and also making up alternate tests.  Additionally, I have been given a lot more responsibilities with this position.  More on that later...



When I was a little girl my dream was to be a Broadway actress.  I wanted a little apartment with a fire escape in New York City, even though I had never been there.  I wanted to wait tables and be poor and audition every day.  I wanted to win a Tony Award and sit at coffee shops in the rain.

I went to theatre school, at a conservatory where I pretty much did nothing but theatre for four years.  I studied to be a professional, with professionals.  I received professional training and was abreast of the professional theatre world here in Chicago.

Then I entered the real world.

I have auditioned and auditioned, and learned that I don't like auditioning.  I have waited tables, and learned that I don't like waiting tables.  I'm short on cash, and although I am blessed and can live with little, I still have bills and I don't really like not being able to pay them.

Someone asked me the other day, "Have you ever thought about doing professional theatre?"  Gee, if she only knew... 

I don't live in a little apartment with a fire escape in New York City.  I live in spacious apartment with a kitty and a boyfriend.  I can decide what to do next, later.


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