YAY, I'm awake!

Well I think I have woken up enough to write a little something... Lately I have been so tired!

Here's the scoop about my joblife.  I just began work as a camp counselor at the Old Town School of Folk Music, where they have a summer music and theatre camp.  Camp has been trying, but at least during training we got swag:

Yup, what job have you ever had that gave you a washboard and a cool folder with super heroes on it? Not to mention the chocolate!

And they fed us several times and stuffed us full of chocolate covered raisins and blueberries... AND I get discounts on concert tickets and private lessons (fiddle!), as well as a free eight week course (more fiddle in the fall!).  All in all, I think I made out pretty good.


Back, Blogs about Trip Coming Soon

Hi! I just got back from Tennessee, and am way to tired to write anything interesting about it... I'll do that tomorrow or something. Hold your horses.


Pandemonium in the City! (Hawks Win)

Sitting in the apartment, windows open, when all of a sudden - fireworks, car horns, and shouting erupt, followed by even more shouting and fireworks...

Hawks win!

It's things like this that make the city feel smaller than it really is.

...continual shouting, police sirens, helicopters, more car horns, girls screaming, pop rocks from every direction for miles...

I Made a Crappy Video!

Song Credits: Life Without You, from the album Small and Fancy by Pamela Maurer and Jonas Friddle: The Influence Pedlars


Farm Kitties!


I spent Memorial Day weekend visiting Boyfriend's grandparents house up in Wisconsin. It was pretty fun. As you can see, I befriended a kitty. He pretty much followed us everywhere as we walked around the farm.

I befriended a kitty last year as well, and almost brought him home.   We were in love.  I tried to find him this year, but apparently he died... 

RIP Kitty
That's Boyfriend's cousin in the picture giving bunny ears to the kitty.  She was really into bunny ears last year.

But life goes on and the orange little guy was pretty spunky. Here's his brother:


Short Update...

I haven't posted in a long time, but for good reason.  Eh, I'll write about it all when I get time - school's out in a day and a half...

On the list of things keeping me busy:

Emerald Gala at Soldier Field

Trip to Boyfriend's grandparent's

(They live pretty close to the Dells, and driving past without stopping was sooooo hard.  I really wanted to pull over for some cheese popcorn and ice cream, but Boyfriend - who has much more discipline than I, wouldn't let me.  We are supposed to be dieting. )

 Hotel motel we stayed at last year...


Upcoming trip to parent's house in Iowa

*Will post soon...


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