You Know You Are Tired When...

Upside down Korean is really hard to read.

Youth Lament

I am learning I just need a job where I work no more than four days a week.  And that's why subbing was perfect for me.  I could take a day off if I wanted. If for example I was tired, or it wasn't light out when my alarm went off (like everyday this week)  - I had no accountability.

Now I have accountability.

Now I can't study Korean while a boring movie I just watched for the last six periods is playing in the background.

Now I can't do craft projects during my free periods - because I have zero free periods.
Still from a stop motion movie I'll probably never finish because I am an adult with a full time job.

Hmmm.  So this means all the fun things that make my little life interesting actually have to be done at home, where I am just too tired to do them.  Which means they don't get done.  Instead I just sit online and read craft blogs and get ideas for projects I'll never have the energy or gumption to start.  Then I get stressed out about how fast my life is passing by and how I never get to do things I plan on doing.  Then I go into quarter life crisis panic mode, moan with frustration, throw things, cry and complain about being an adult.

In general, pretty much.

Jack is lazy and has no accountability. 
He is also spoiled. 
Why can't I be a cat?
Here is a picture of Jack being lazy.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job as a teacher aide (waiting tables doesn't hold a candle to it of course) and I enjoy helping my kids, AND my position gives me a greater sense of purpose and fills me with feelings of self worth... but I really just want some time to start a project I'll never finish.


Making Pillowcases, Part one of Who Knows How Many...

Check out this awesome fabric I got at The Needle Shop.  I am going to use it to freshen up some old pillows...
It's not the best picture, but you can tell the fabric's pretty awesome because it has squid all over it. 

Other fabrics by Kokka of Japan I am partial to:

Among others... check ebay for a great selection.  Now I just have to finish all the projects I started so I can start one with these fabrics!


I'm a Film Maker!

Been meaning to do this for a while...  (Music:  The World is Gone Wrong, the Texas Sheiks)


I has can speak Korean. Sorta.

So I've been studying Korean for about two years now, but you'd never know it. 

I work in a school district with lots of Koreans...and consequently lots of opportunities to practice my language skillz.

In one of my classes, there is a kid who pretty much just moved here from Korea, so his English isn't great and he is assisted by the ELL teacher in class.  "YAY," I think to myself "I wanna talk to this kid!"  So I spend time in class racking my brain for bits of Korean things to say to him...

This is how I imagine our conversation would go:

In Korean (in overly formal manner not appropriate for speaking with school children):

ME:    Hello!  Nice to meet you!
HIM:  Hi!
ME:    Who is that person over there?  I am an American person.
           Are you a Korean person?
HIM:  Um, what person?
ME:    That's great!  I like to eat Kimchi and Pizza!  The book is sitting on the table.  What is your
            phone number?
HIM:   Umm... 

Pretty much all I will achieve by initiating this conversation is scaring the child or leading him to believe I'm crazy.  Not good.  

Hmmm... Wall paper Craft Project?

I have spent the better part of 4 hours this weekend reading craft and design blogs, but no time actually crafting myself.  I just can't seem to get the motivation to pick up a pair or scissors myself.  Let's not mention the umpteen projects I've started that have been laying around the apartment unfinished...  The root of the problem is that my craft stash o stuff doesn't inspire me. 

Here's some things that do:

I recently read on Design Sponge this tutorial on how to cover furniture with wallpaper,  which I think I could apply to a crappily painted desk that I got from a friend years ago. 

Here are some wallpapers I love!

Ok check them out below - something is wrong with Blogger and it won't let me write below the pictures.  Anways, my sister is majoring in interior design - maybe she can nab me some awesome paper, since these pictured are 100 bucks a role, which frankly is a just a wee bit out of my budget.

from Ferm Living
from Ferm Living


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