Vintage: Pink Squirrels and Green Kitties

This weekend I shoveled out of my parking spot and headed to a South Side estate sale.   I found:

That are pink! And winking!  With eyelashes!

I decided to put the squirrels in my Etsy shop.  
But I can't part with these yet:

That are green!  With little heart noses!

They are so unbelievably darling!

Boyfriend surprised me and actually volunteered to come with, which was nice because the sale was a lot farther away than I realized it would be.  He was also pretty helpful - we scored a nice chair that I wouldn't have given a second look had I been alone.  Although he teases me for being a thrift (or as he would call it - junk) hoarder, he is pretty darn supportive of my interests.  I think that's pretty sweet.

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  1. Those kitties are darling - and unusual. I do not have anything like them in my vast collection.
    It is a good thing to have a supportive "other" who will go with you, at least now and then, and is not always complaining "what are you going to do with that!"

  2. I'd have kept the kitties, too. They're super cute!

  3. Love the kitties, I like that they have outfits. The squirrels are cute too.

  4. Nice kitties and a very nice blog. Thanks for sharing.
    grt, Helmi



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