Thrift Share Monday: Paper Ephemera!

This weekend was a wonderful estate sale weekend... I traveled out to Skokie for a sale and got there early but was still 48 on the list.  The sale was in an empty storefront in a strip mall, so while I waited for my number to be called I had the pleasure of watching the other scouters find glorious vintage things before me.  It was a little painful.  I did strike up a conversation with a lady who owns a vintage shop somewhere in suburbia, and she reminded me that just like there are some great finds today, there will be more great finds next week and the week after that.  And after all - it's just stuff.

I need to remember that sometimes. 

Anyways, this sale was for multiple clients, one of which was an antique store that closed... so there were some nice antiques at whole sale prices.  Lucky for me.  I'll be posting some pictures of all my finds throughout the week, but for now I will share some lovely paper ephemera I found at an estate sale a few weeks ago...

A San Francisco post card book filled with lovely photos...

Available here

And some lovely wildlife stamps from the National Wildlife Federation...

Available Here
I love these stamps!  I have so many of them now that I put some in my Etsy shop and am going to use the rest to make a collage.  I have so many blank canvasses and usually so little inspiration... but I can't wait to paste some of these old stamps together!  Yay inspiration!  Finally.

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  1. I love your finds! I've got a thing for postcards and birds. :)



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