When I was a little girl my dream was to be a Broadway actress.  I wanted a little apartment with a fire escape in New York City, even though I had never been there.  I wanted to wait tables and be poor and audition every day.  I wanted to win a Tony Award and sit at coffee shops in the rain.

I went to theatre school, at a conservatory where I pretty much did nothing but theatre for four years.  I studied to be a professional, with professionals.  I received professional training and was abreast of the professional theatre world here in Chicago.

Then I entered the real world.

I have auditioned and auditioned, and learned that I don't like auditioning.  I have waited tables, and learned that I don't like waiting tables.  I'm short on cash, and although I am blessed and can live with little, I still have bills and I don't really like not being able to pay them.

Someone asked me the other day, "Have you ever thought about doing professional theatre?"  Gee, if she only knew... 

I don't live in a little apartment with a fire escape in New York City.  I live in spacious apartment with a kitty and a boyfriend.  I can decide what to do next, later.

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