Actual Responsibility at Work = No Time to do Silly Things Like Blog

I've been away from this blog for a while...

YAY!  My sub assignment turned into a long term gig...so I have a lot more responsibility.  I never had a job with responsibility before (no joke).  Now I take work home with me, which sucks, but in truth I actually kinda don't mind all the grading papers, editing essays, and making up tests and such.  It's all new to me so the novelty hasn't worn off, I suppose.  And I get to make decisions!  Actual decisions that effect people!  And I don't have to ask anybody if the decision is ok - I can just decide something, and do it - like I have some sort of authority or expertise or power or something!  I also stay after school a lot to plan and help kids who need it, so I end up getting stuck in bad traffic heading back to Chicago... I actually kinda do mind that.

Some things:

Starting a garden in an old row boat my friend found in the alley.

Planting flowers.

Planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Continually spelling Smoky Mountains as Smokey Mountains, because that's how Smokey the Bear spells his name and I can't get it out of my head.

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  1. Oh - good! I should have kept reading. Are you at BHS?



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