Maybe I'm an Adult Now...

So I have a meeting tomorrow.  An actual work meeting about important things.

Actually, I had a meeting today too, for which I had no prior notice.  I went in and said actual important and relevant things, and maybe even looked a little on top of my job.  I think I am awesome.

In truth, I have no idea what tomorrow's meeting will actually be about, so I'm probably unprepared for it despite the fact that I spent the last hour trying to figure out how and what to prepare...

Back in the day when I worked in *cough* restaurants, a meeting meant sitting in a room filled with people you didn't like and listening to managers talk at you while you payed absolutely no attention.  Still tired from getting home from your night shift at two in the morning, you would be sitting there at eight wearing yesterday's re - ironed uniform excited to start your morning shift after the meeting.  It was usually pretty awesome. 

This is a little more awesome though.

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