The Beginnings of a Pyrex Addiction?

Well, guess what.  I have jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon.  Yes, the cute patterns and irresistibly cheerful colors have won me over.  I have been busy visiting blogs like The Pyrex Collective and Pyrex Love, and learning the names of all the patterns.  I am really a fan of the Friendship pattern, which I love for its bright colors and little birdies... but I also love just about anything in pink. 

My grandmother used to volunteer at her church thrift, and started collecting the Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls for my mother.  She loves them, but probably has no idea that currently on Ebay they are selling for over $60 at auction - Yikes!  I definitely plan on keeping my eyes peeled for a nice set like hers.

This weekend I found a few pretties while I was out!

I still can't believe I found this little gem!  I am putting it in my new Etsy Shop along with this...

I am still figuring everything out with Etsy after having switched over from Bonanza just yesterday.  I realized I can offer products at more reasonable prices on Etsy because the fees are a bit lower.  I still haven't finished filling in my whole profile, but that will be coming soon!  It's exciting to set up a little shop and start thinking about things like branding, image, marketing, advertisements etc...  I also made my first spreadsheet ever!  People generally tend to find it hard to believe that in my entire 25 years of life I have never made a spreadsheet.  Well hot darn - thanks to Apron Thrift Girl's post about spreadsheets, now I have!


  1. I love Pyrex. Both pieces you found are wonderful. The first one has me yearning for a spring day. :)

  2. Yay Pyrex! Love the yellow one, and the gravy boat is a good find. I just posted about my extensive Spring Blossom addiction, er ehm. I mean, collection.

  3. Spread sheet? Isn't that something you do before painting? Man, pyrex is everywhere... er, except my house. I think I'm the last hold out lol



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