Thrifty Finds

Hi all!  Yesterday I was supposed to take the tree down, but  I went thrifting instead.  Now I'm sitting in my apartment with my shiny new finds, nestled cozily under the tired Christmas tree as it sheds pine needles onto the floor.  Oh at some point I'll recuperate from the holidays.  Probably not today though.

For now, check out what I found!

I just can't get over how pretty this shade of blue is!

I brought this little hen home - and Boyfriend actually likes it. 

I love this jar!  I really want to keep it but I think I will put it up for sale to see how it does.

I opened a new shop on Bonanza called the Knick Knack Parade***, and you can find all of these items for sale.  I'm new to this whole thing. I think I will start out on Bonanza and see how that works out, and then move over to Etsy if I think I could do better over there.  Does anyone else have experience with Bonanza?  

*** I moved my items over to Etsy after I realized I could sell less expensive things more cheaply there.  Here is the link to my shop!

I am linking up with Apron Thrift Girl - gotta love all the inspiration I get while reading her blog!


  1. Pretty finds, I love that blue suitcase. I found one from that set except the theme of mine is brown. I've been seeing these around the thrifting blogosphere lately :)

  2. Loving the blue suitcase and the divided dish. :)



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