Sweet Holy Moley! I'm Reselling!

Woohooo! I set a goal for myself and accomplished it!  YAY!  That almost never happens.

As you may or may not know, I am swamped with student loan debt and being a teacher aide doesn't exactly cover all the bills.  I want to go to grad school to get some skills that would hopefully qualify me for something with a salary - but until I can make a decision on what to study, and then actually go to school, and then actually graduate, and then actually get a job with a salary...  I have been at a loss for what to do about all the bills...

Solution?  Reselling!

I am tired of spending my precious fleeting time at soul crushing jobs, but treasure hunting thrifting is something I enjoy doing!  Now... if only I could make a little cash doing it.

I spent all day working on this project - and set up a little booth at Bonanza!  Check it out!  It is filled with a few vintage odds and ends... with more to come!


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