Margie's Candies

My boyfriend and I went to the Margie's Candies today in North Center, near the Montrose Brown Line.  Our treats definitely hit the spot, but we weren't expecting them to be so huge!  He got this one scoop coconut ice cream cone (pictured right), and this is what it looked like after he had a few bites.  I got one giant scoop of pistachio, my favorite.  It was nice to go somewhere different together, as we tend to eat at the same places over and over again.

Apparently the original Margie's Candies located on Western Avenue is a bit of a Chicago landmark.  I'll have to check it out sometime.  Al Capone is said to have visited, and the Beatles ate there after a show in 1964.

The best part?  Definitely the little wafer cookie they serve with everything.  Yummy.  Also, they served whip cream with my coffee, and it doesn't get much better than that.

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  1. Hi Andrea! Caroline and I love Margie's. Next time you guys go, you should get hot fudge sundaes. Homemade hot fudge in a gravy boat and ask for marshmallow fluff on the side too. To die for!



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