Chicago Park District Classes: Super Affordable!

It's 11:00 A.M., and I have been checking the sub scheduler periodically since 5:15 A.M..  No jobs. I've been sitting alone with Jack the Cat as he continually meows at the door, waiting to be let out into the hallway of our apartment building so he can run up and down the stairs.

While dilly dallying on the computer, I started looking into places offering ASL courses.  I stumbled across the Chicago Park District website, which offers 8 weeks of classes for only $35!  Unfortunately the course is full, but I think I will call to check if there have been any cancellations. 

To my delight, I noticed they have a plethora of courses ranging from upholstery (how useful!) to auto repair (how practical!) to quilting (how fun!) - all for under fifty bucks.  For about $120 - $170, you can take pottery classes, offered at a much more reasonable price than some of the art studios in my neighborhood.  I'd like to do that over the summer.  They also offer adult swim lessons, figure skating lessons, knitting, sewing, photography, and stained glass classes!

Check it out here.  Online registration for the Spring session is closed, but you can still register for classes with openings by calling the park directly.   Registration for the Summer session begins in April.

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