Crazy Stuff I'll Do for Free: Piano Moving Edition

So on Monday I missed Step Aerobics class.  Yup, aerobics, like the kind your mom probably took when you were little.  Like I'm thirty or something.

(Does everyone associate step aerobics with this particular demographic, or is it just me?  Also let me just point out that I'm getting closer to thirty myself.  I try not to think about it.)

Anyways, I missed it because I was doing something much better with my time.  I MOVED A PIANO.  Yup, that's right. Two boys, my friend Pamela, and I MOVED A PIANO down three flights of twisty stairs and up one and a half flights of steep stairs.  Dangerous and scary?  Yes.  Crazy?  Also yes.

Miraculously (with no small amount of swearing and squished toes) we managed to get the piano safely into it's new home so my friend can continue to write music.  Check it out here.

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