My Sun Porch

The other day, the colors of the leaves changed... and just like that, fall arrived.

I have a great view of it from my porch...

Click to enlarge!
I spent a lot of time collecting things to make it cozy out here... the papasan from Craigslist, the little white desk from an estate sale (that a stranger so lovingly delivered to my home after it failed to fit in my car), the hand crocheted throw from another sale, the houseplants, the Jesus candles, the ceramic animals...

There is only one problem.

AND OH MY GOD, they are having the time of their little lives up there.  AND - I have a gap between the light fixture and the ceiling... AND - I am not even kidding you, as a type this, I could actually SEE one stick his head out the gap and peer down on me with a leaf in his mouth.  AND HE ? SHE ? SQUEEKED!  AT ME!

So as you can see from my photo above... I have enlisted the help of my little squirrel Dream Pet - and also, evidently, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Hopefully they can work together to convince the squirrels to go away and make a home somewhere else, because my landlord sure isn't in a hurry to do so...


  1. OMG I've never heard of squirrels living in a ceiling before, I wonder how they got up in there. I love your squirrel dreampet though, hopefully it serves as a good luck talisman.

  2. Gorgeous room! In Australia it's usually possums in the roof making a mess. I can't believe you can see their little faces. I hope they find a nice tree and leave you alone!



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