The Great American Train Trip?

To tell you the truth, I am not that enthusiastic about finding summer employment - for a whole slew of reasons.  I'd much rather travel - and was seriously thinking about it (for about an hour) before I got offered an interview for a seemingly nice job.

I still want to travel though, and - even if I get the job - will still have time to do it.

I was playing around on Amtrak's website, just for kicks, and made up a trip with several stops (D.C., Providence R.I., Boston, and back).  My search returned results for 4 different tickets totaling 388 bucks. Not bad.  But - I played around with departure times a little and managed to get that price down to only 248 bucks!

We'll have to see what I end up doing, but knowing I can go so many places so cheaply is exciting.

And freeing.


  1. I've screwed around on Amtrak.com too - I want to train from Chicago to the Pacific NW.

  2. We were just talking about that today actually. I think it would be fun to stop and visit national parks along the way.



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