Because I am Pretty Cool...Apparently.

So some students of mine wrote a poem.  A poem about moi.  A poem about how I am the best substitute teacher in the world

Have a read:

Subs oh Subs they're driving me crazy
They're mean
They're strict
They're only a bit nice

But you are not like those mean old bags
You are young and nice
Oh so precise, when it comes to being nice

You're sweet like ice cream
You are like a supreme sugar
You're the opposite of a booger
You're the nicest sub we've ever had

That's right.  I was a muse for a day.   And it's pretty good to hear that I am not a mean old bag or a booger.  Secretly I worried people thought that.

1 comment:

  1. you are amazing! though i was hungry and therefore thought this poem was about sandwiches...



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