Thrift Share: Estate Sale Finds

I swear, at some point I will share the pictures of the muu muus I got while thrifting in Hawaii.  Yes, I went to Hawaii and found my way into a Goodwill.  Pathetic?  I think not. 

This weekend I managed to get to two estate sales.  The first one was in a rather quaint old house of an older Polish couple, and was filled with ashtrays, sex novels, and religious items.  My style, I tell ya. 

Actually, there were quite a few things there that I liked, and there was no line so I was able to get in and out quickly.  I didn't find much.  There were a lot of vintage linens but they were stained and my boyfriend thought I wouldn't be able to get the cigarette smell out.  Here's what I did find:

I think the glasses are really cute. 

We left and headed to another estate sale.  This one happened to belong to an elephant lover.  I picked up a few small ones that I think will look good in the terrariums I plan on making this summer (we'll see if that happens...).  These people liked elephants, birds (they had three cages of them), and liquor.   We went down to the the basement and found bottles and bottles of it.  There were a lot of special bottles shaped like turkeys (Wild Turkey), old casinos, and politicians, all containing liquor as well.

I thought this one was interesting, so I took it home:

Never mind that it is filled with thirty year old sludge at the bottom.  Needs some cleaning but I thought it would make an interesting container or vase.

What did you find this week?  Linking up at ATG!


  1. wow, 30 year old sludge! lol good luck with that... it'll be worth the scrub, it's an interesting one!

  2. Love that decanter! I see can the beauty beyond the sludge! :)

  3. Love, love, love those glasses!



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