I'm a Thrifter

Sometimes I think my friends are cooler than me. 

I've been meaning to share my friend Pamela's state plate collection on this blog for a while.  Pamela is pretty much the thriftiest person I know.  When I saw her plate collection I knew I HAD TO HOARD some plates of my own, much to Boyfriend's chagrin.  It was bad enough that while visiting my family last weekend, we visited a place called...wait for it... - - - - -


Yes, the crazy thrift hoarding cat loving girlfriend heard tell of a place called The Junk Asylum, and HAD to check it out.  I haven't heard the end of it all week.  This provides complete fodder for Boyfriend - probably until the end of time.

I'm sure he'll tell everyone that his crazy thrift hoarding cat loving girlfriend visited the trash sanatorium and never came back.

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