I has can speak Korean. Sorta.

So I've been studying Korean for about two years now, but you'd never know it. 

I work in a school district with lots of Koreans...and consequently lots of opportunities to practice my language skillz.

In one of my classes, there is a kid who pretty much just moved here from Korea, so his English isn't great and he is assisted by the ELL teacher in class.  "YAY," I think to myself "I wanna talk to this kid!"  So I spend time in class racking my brain for bits of Korean things to say to him...

This is how I imagine our conversation would go:

In Korean (in overly formal manner not appropriate for speaking with school children):

ME:    Hello!  Nice to meet you!
HIM:  Hi!
ME:    Who is that person over there?  I am an American person.
           Are you a Korean person?
HIM:  Um, what person?
ME:    That's great!  I like to eat Kimchi and Pizza!  The book is sitting on the table.  What is your
            phone number?
HIM:   Umm... 

Pretty much all I will achieve by initiating this conversation is scaring the child or leading him to believe I'm crazy.  Not good.  

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  1. PS. A Consolation - I speak better Korean than some Koreans I know. Booyah.



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