Tuesday, Spaghetti

This weekend I went on a prop scavenger hunt of sorts with my friend, who is currently in charge of props for the Building Stage's new show The Ring Cycle, adapted from Wagner's opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen.  Over a quick lunch (Thai - curry, yum) she informed me of some items we needed to find that day; among these were a metal pail, sequins, a muslin doll, potion bottles, a ladder back chair, an old fashioned leather camera case, a megaphone and a frog lawn ornament.  We were not so lucky on our search, our only thrift store find for the show being the metal pail.  We did however find this:

AND one for everyday of the week!  They're large too, so they stood out among the pots and pans they were nestled between at the back of the store.  We laughed so hard when we found these, in part because of their idiosyncratic nature, but also as a result of their random placement in the kitchen section of the thrift store.  When I unveiled them to my boyfriend however, he was nonplussed, much to my chagrin.

Here is a link to a picture of all of them together.  The illustrator is Eric Carle, whom I love; one of my favorite books as a kid was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which he also illustrated.

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