Comic Life Trial and Error...

I'm working on a post right now to display an embroidered Christmas card I made over the holiday.  I decided to get crafty about displaying it online, and am consequently learning some new technologies.  This doesn't happen often, so hold your breath, because usually Computers + Disaster Cat = FAIL.  No - seriously, the fact that I even have a blog right now is nothing short of miraculous.  Did I mention I failed Microsoft Word during a placement test I took for a temp agency?  I mean, I knew I would fail Excel and PowerPoint, but WORD people?  Word.  Usually any task related to computers proves too difficult or frustrating, or simply not fun, resulting in some sort of redfaced tear fest 30 minutes before a deadline. But I digress. This project will take time, so I suggest you twiddle your thumbs for a while until I figure out how to do this.

This = Comic Life.  I first learned about it through substituting at an elementary school in my district.  Walking down the hallways, I was able to check out some pretty good looking comic strips and report visuals the children made with the application.  If children can do it, I can too, right?  We'll see!  It actually is a cinch to use - I'm spending the most time on the design and layout aspect of the project, and playing around with some cool styles.

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