Blog Fail

Ok. So my attempt to write a "green" blog was an utter failure. As you can see from the simple fact that I only wrote about, oh let's see... one post. Evidently I was not made to be a" green" blogger. I am not sure if I was even made to be a "green" person. Notice my use of quotation marks - as if to suggest that "green" is some sort of figment of our social, collective, imagination. Or at least an unattainable figment of my own imagination.

My life is not as "green" as I would have liked it to be; and I am speaking in the sense of the word as it refers to being "environmentally friendly." This is perhaps why the blog was such a complete FAIL.

Here are some of my FAILS as related to being "green."
  • I killed all of my plants.
Well, actually, lets stop at that one. Perhaps I will reveal more later. Honestly if it wasn't for my honey bunny (no, I don't actually call him that in the real world) we wouldn't have a single houseplant. He wasn't able to save them all, though. No, the Christmas cactus my grandmother gave me, the banana peppers put in a pot on the boulevard outside my house, and about 12 pots of various flowers and vegetables I tried to grow in our shady backyard and my dimly lit porch. You see I can't be blamed for being such a bad green thumb. I live in the city, and I don't have much to work with. I am also extremely lazy.

But seriously. I got all excited about having an awesome urban container garden, and writing a blog about it, and then I lost interest. I felt too much pressure to keep the blog "green" focused when what I should have been doing was just writing about whatever I wanted, to see what would become of it.

What will become of this?

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