I like to craft!

As I am sitting here, my boyfriend is swearing at his xbox 360, which he is trying to take apart because it is broken.  Or overheating. Or both.  The poor thing has given up, posing now like The Thinker, although picture less pensiveness and more frustration.

But yes - I like to craft!  That's one thing I can blog about.  Today in fact I made this lovely wreath from the Christmas tree clippings my neighbor just threw in the front yard.  You bet!  I just marched right out there and just hauled them all back inside.  And then I cut them up!  And made this:

Maybe I should share with you some other wreaths I made this fall.
  • This one I almost broke while trying to get it out of the garbage bag I was storing it in.  I made it this fall with twigs I collected from around my neighborhood and a bag of fake leaves - I'm a DIYer:

  • And this one - which differs from the other two in that I used a store bought frame:

Well, time for dinner!

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