Quick and Easy Pom Pom Craft

Of course I had grand ambitions of making tons of Christmas crafts from vintage items for my Etsy Shop, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to work out.

All I seem to be capable of is making a mess.

Yes this was my dining room.
 Anyways, I did manage to make a few cute things...

One project started out as old Christmas tree light reflectors.  I have a few that are really nice quality, and then a few that are not so nice.  These not so nice ones are really thin metal and a little bent up...

Even though they are still pretty cute, I had a good idea...

And now they are even cuter! All you have to do to make these is hot glue a pom pom to the center of the reflector.  For the hole at the top for the hook, I simple took a hammer and slammed a nail through it, which only took about two taps.  Quick and easy!

Shared my craft at Just a Girl

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I've decided the only way to prevent my dining room from continuing to look exactly like yours is to remove the table.

    Which is not going to happen. Tis the season!

    PS Love the curtain fabric.



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