Vintage Bazaar!

This weekend was the long awaited Vintage Bazaar - and boy oh boy was it wet!  I was pretty apprehensive and worried people were not going to come out and shop - but they did!  And they came in droves!  And, much to my fiance's delight - I sold a lot of stuff (so that means there is less "junk" in our home...)  Thank goodness he came out to help along with my sister.  This was my first really big fair and I learned a lot - most importantly, perhaps, I learned I cannot do this alone.  Between the rain, the tent set up, handling all the customers, and the hauling things up and down from my third floor walk up, it was a huge task.  (Oh - and did I mention the drive out to O'Hare to rent a minivan to haul it all in?)

Doesn't my booth look crowded?  Although I was allotted a ten by ten foot space, the canopy of my tent was only eight by eight, and I had to squish everything inward even more to prevent it from getting wet in the rain!  I also wasn't able to hang up a lot of my prints for fear of them getting wet.

I sold both the typewriters, two of the chalkboards, and the window, along with the record box, the hat boxes, the suitcase, the fall painting and lots of the smalls on the table....

The tins, owl paintings and the beverage cart also sold! 

I definitely need to focus more on my Etsy shop now that this big fair is behind me.  I am hoping to really beef up my vintage Christmas Stock.  I also have grad school to worry about so I am hoping to find the time to keep up with the shop.

I wish had more pictures - but you can check out the Thriftaholic's blog for some beautiful pictures of other vendors' booths.  I got to meet her at the fair and she was super friendly and well dressed to boot!


  1. It was great to meet you, thank you for linking to my post. I wish I'd been able to take more photos of your booth but didn't want to discourage customers from shopping. It's good to hear you sold a lot, it was already super crowded at noon!

    We should plan a vintage/thrift outing soon with some other bloggers, I'm always up for an adventure. :)

  2. Ohh, that sounds like a good idea... It would be nice to get to know some local folks!

  3. I'm glad you had some good sales! Great to see you back online. Those glasses look cool.

    E :)

  4. Wasn't that rain something? Seems like nothing will deter those who hunt for vintage - thankfully! Loads of fun there under your canopy. 3rd floor walk-up? You rock! I have to only carry my things up one flight from my storage and it nearly kills me every show!

    Will let you know about those names when I go thru the pile!




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